The 2020 My B.A.D. #Unapologetic Transformational Conference was a SUCCESS!

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Saturday, February 20th.

Please check back for details on location, speakers, and much more!

My B.A.D. #Unapologetic Testimonials

Dr. Stevie Dawn Blakely

Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Author

I go to a lot of conferences. Probably over 50 per year. Each has it’s own energy, vibe, and mood. There are man that standout for being well-run, organized, and fun to attend. However, the My B.A.D. transformational conference stands out for all of that and the overall vibe. The was a conference where not only did I get the opportunity to speak and serve on a panel, but I also had the opportunity to learn. To be engaged. To be inspired. In fact, I think I got as much out of the conference as a presenter as the attendees. It was EPIC. Life-changing. Unapologetic.

Sharolyn Denise Lofton

3 Time Attendee

This weekend I had the privilege to be in the room amongst some beautiful, powerful, and amazing Ladies. It was just what my spirit needed. This was my third year attending the My B.A.D. #Unapologetic presentation. Ms. Yolanda Harper delivered yet again another cohesive, transformational, and empowering conference. From the panelist, assistants, her stylist, the caterer, and all the ladies who attended- it was a room filled with warmth and positivity. I picked up some priceless nuggets, resources, and inspiration to carry within me for a lifetime. Thank you, Yolanda Harper, Dr. Trina Pullum (Brand), Dr. Stevie Dawn (Attitude), and Dr. Regina Spellmon (Destiny) for pouring into each of us. My B.A.D. 2020  #Unapologetic  #YolandasNuggets

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